What CandleWave, LLC Is All About

William Kurtz is the founder and President of CandleWave, LLC.  He is a lawyer by background, and has spent a working lifetime in the corporate real estate development business.  Among other assignments during his working lifetime in the business world, he founded “JCP Realty, Inc.,” the real estate development arm of J. C. Penney Company, and served as its Executive Vice President for 13 years.  During that time, JCP Realty, Inc. partnered with several of the top regional mall developers in the design and development of about 20 marquee regional shopping centers nationwide.  He was also instrumental in the acquisition of many properties which are now operated with Walmart as the key tenant.

Mr. Kurtz had traded Options, primarily on Commodities, for many years.  After his retirement from the real estate development business, he devoted nearly all of his time to the study and refinement of trading systems, in an effort to discover a means by which Reversals of Trend could be reliably anticipated.  This led to a study of the “Elliott Wave” principle, which he has found to be indispensable, but incomplete, in that it is numbers-oriented and lacking in the ability to display in visual form – that is, in Picture form – those instances in which a trend is coming to an end, and likely to reverse.

After years of trial and error, he settled on Genesis Financial Technologies’ “Trade Navigator” platform as being uniquely able to present Trend Reversals in Picture form, so that they are instantly recognized by the eye.  “The eye does the work.”  The secret lies in displaying groups of Indicators in horizontal “panels,” layered one above the other, and then watching for extreme readings in those Indicators, all occurring at the same time.  It became apparent that presenting certain Indicators in ways not usually seen, and extreme readings as between them, is itself a new Indicator – and the best of all of them.

The result is the “Candelaabra” system of technical analysis, which of course uses Japanese Candlesticks as the base – but proceeds from there, “beyond Candlesticks” and “beyond Elliott Wave,” resulting in the best trend-reversal-spotting system available anywhere.  CandleWave, LLC uses it every day in all of its work.