Refunds (excluding shipping & handling charge), Exchanges, Cancellations, Warranty Policies

Physical Products

        DVD’s and Spiral-Bound Booklets

  1. DVD’s which are found not to produce picture or sound properly when used in accordance with instructions from the Seller will be replaced free of charge.
  2. Spiral-bound Booklets (which are intended to be a free Bonus in conjunction with the DVD’s) which are so damaged as to be illegible will be replaced free of charge.
  3. Sales of the DVD’s and Spiral-Bound Booklets are not subject to refund.


Informational Services.

  1. Under no circumstances shall any fee or any part thereof ever be subject to an actual or attempted “chargeback,” “backcharge,” or to any other device which is intended to recover funds, by whatever name it may be called. Any attempt to do so, successful or otherwise, shall be considered, and shall be prosecutable as, Theft of Service as having been committed by the attemptor and by any enabler of the said attempt.

  2. Upon enrolling as a Member of the MarketPeek service or of the StockWatchSentry service, or both, the Member will have the right to cancel his or her Membership in either of both of them at any time within the first 30 days after enrollment, as of the end of his or her applicable monthly enrollment period for the said service; and thereafter the Member shall also have the right to cancel his or her Membership therein at any time, as of the end of his or her applicable then-current monthly enrollment period, upon notice thereof which is received by CandleWave, LLC not later than 10 days prior to the end of the said then-current enrollment period for that particular service. The Member’s rights of cancellation are specific to the particular service (MarketPeek or StockWatchSentry); i.e., cancellation of Membership in one of them shall not automatically cancel Membership in the other.
  3. Webinars: (It is presently intended that instructional Webinars will be presented on an ongoing basis, without fixed expiration dates, on several business days per week during times when the stock markets are open). Purchaser shall have the right to a full refund of the fee for his or her first Webinar subscription month if request is made therefor at any time up to, during, and including, but not after, the end of the final Webinar which is presented during the first week of his first subscription month; but the said right to a full refund (or to any refund whatsoever) shall be considered waived if, prior to the date of receipt by the Webinar provider of such request, the provider’s “Candlesticks” and “Candelaabra” DVD’s and their supporting Spiral-Bound Booklets shall either have been received by the Purchaser or their delivery to the Purchaser shall have been initiated. Beginning with the Purchaser’s second Subscription Month, and thereafter in ensuing Subscription Months, the Purchaser shall have the right to cancel his or her subscription as of the end of the said Subscription Month upon notice received by the Webinar provider not less than ten days prior to the end of the said Subscription Month, and not otherwise. Under no circumstances shall Purchaser ever have any right of recovery of Webinar fees, in whole or in part, which are attributable to services which have already been rendered.

 Seller makes no warranty of merchantability, of fitness for a particular purpose, or of profit or economic gain.  The “Terms and Conditions – Disclaimer” Page of this Website applies.