Trade Navigator

Trade Navigator


The “Candelaabra” technical analysis system runs on, and only on, Genesis Financial Technologies’ “Trade Navigator” platform.  Why only on “Trade Navigator?”  Because it is the only platform which presents data in a series of user-editable, infinitely flexible and customizable horizontal panels, above and below each other, which are the key to observing extremes in the readings of prices and of various Indicators which occur simultaneously.  It was my realization that extreme readings in price and in the Indicators, when presented at the same time across several “Trade Navigator” panels, gave rise to “super-Indicators” which are unique to us; and which, in combination, are the best forecasters of Trend Reversals.


Genesis Financial Technologies makes a special “Trade Navigator, Candelaabra Edition.” It is delivered over the wire to the user’s computer.  There are no “Installation CD’s,” no “Installation Manuals.”  There is no installation action at all that is required of the user.  It’s all done electronically, over the wire, by Genesis.


The purchaser of this combination two-DVD’s and Bonuses Package does not need “Trade Navigator” in order to learn “Candlesticks,” because price display in Candlestick format is available on most, if not all, data delivery platforms other than “Trade Navigator.”


Likewise, the purchaser of this Package does not need “Trade Navigator” in order to learn “Candelaabra.”  He or she will be able to understand the principles underlying “Candelaabra” without having the “Candelaabra” display available on his or her computer screen.


However, in order to gain the most benefit from the learning experience, we do recommend that you acquire “Trade Navigator, Candelaabra Edition.”  It will be of particularly great value to you if you take part in our forthcoming Live Participatory Webinars.


You can try it free of charge for a month, to see whether you like it.  Genesis offers a 30-day Free Trial of “Trade Navigator, Candelaabra Edition.”  Just call Sales at Trade Navigator, (800) 808-3282 or (719) 884-0244, 8 AM to 5 PM Mountain Time, and ask for it by that name.


If you decide to keep Trade Navigator, Genesis offers to CandleWave’s customers a special reduced price of $595, which is $200 off the regular price of “Trade Navigator.”


Neither CandleWave, LLC, nor any entity or person associated with it, would derive any financial benefit of any kind from Genesis or from anyone else, if you decide to purchase “Trade Navigator, Candelaabra Edition.”




William Kurtz